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What’s Next?

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Shortly after arriving on shift you are dispatched to a residential structure fire. You are the first due engine company and will be arriving on scene with the ladder as shown in the picture. Neighbor states that a family of six lives there and the time is 8:05AM. Your next due engine& chief are approx. […]

Multi-Family Dwellng

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Let’s start off Monday right with a heck of a working fire. Dispatched as first due apparatus (Whatever you are assigned to) for working fire. It is 1:30AM with a hydrant 75 ft away from the front of the structure. Unknown occupancy with second due engine/first due truck company about 6 minutes out. What are […]

Funeral Home Fire

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You are dispatched to a working fire in a local funeral home. Neighbor advised dispatch that the owners live on the second floor so occupancy is unknown. You are first in with your assigned apparatus. Next due engine is 6 minutes out and the hydrant is 400ft away. The rest is up to you. What […]


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Once again enroute to a working fire. Dispatch advised multiple callers. Hydrant is 750ft from the structure. You have heavy smoke showing from a couple blocks away. You make the turn and this is what you have. Car in the driveway and nobody outside at your arrival. What are your actions? Second due engine is […]

Long driveway….

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Today’s questions is in regards to fire attack down long/narrow or obstructed driveways. On homes with very long and often narrow driveways, what are your companies actions to get water onto the fire? Many of these situations it is impossible to gain access down the driveway leaving anywhere from 100-1000ft+ of distance between your truck […]

Chinese Restaurant Fire….

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Two engine companies are on scene of a working fire at a local chinese restaurant. You are on the first due truck company and this is what you have showing at your arrival approx 7 minutes in. The engines are having an extremely difficult time making headway on the fire. What are you actions? Only […]

House Fire!

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First in on a possible house fire. All dispatch advised was caller was the neighbor. Next due Engine 6 minutes out and the hydrant is 700ft away. You are responding on “your” apparatus…What are your actions.

Screen Print Shop…

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Time for a little commercial action. Smoke showing from a “screenprinting” shop. Apartments above up to floor 8. Time is 530 PM. You are first on scene (responding on “your” apparatus type) of this working fire. No idea on occupancy numbers above the fire. What are your actions and why???  


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Telephone contact lost….What are your actions and why?

Apartment Fire!

What are your actions and the assignments for incoming units?

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