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Telephone contact lost….What are your actions and why?

Apartment Fire!

What are your actions and the assignments for incoming units?

Behind the 8 ball….

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You are a little behind the 8 ball on this one. You are responding to an adjoining fire zone. (1st due units are tied up on another call) Multiple callers on an apartment fire. You are on the first due engine and will be responding with the truck company from your station. Next due engine […]

Multi-Family Dwelling!

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On today’s scenario you are dispatched to a working fire in a multi-family occupancy. Hydrant is at the entrance (250ft) and your next in engine and truck company are 4 minutes out. No further information was provided….It’s your time….What’s your actions.

RIT/FAST Team on the Initial Alarm?

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Here is a question everyone can chime in on. How many companies include a RIT/FAST Team on the initial/first alarm? Whats the justification not to have a dedicated unit responding? Also are you a supporter of RIT/FAST teams or not….Let’s hear it. Thanks to Daniel Hogan for todays question!


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Returning from a false alarm in your second due, you see smoke showing a couple blocks over. You go to investigate, (Engine staffed w/4) as you turn onto the block the tones drop for a working fire. You pull up and find this. Hydrant is less than 60 ft across the street. Your truck company […]

Your Up!

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1130AM dispatched to a reported building fire “next” to the callers address. This area has NO hydrants. You are assigned to the first due engine with 750 gallons. Next due engine is 7 minutes out. Fire has burned through exterior door…Your up! Thanks to Bryan Iannacone for todays submission!!!


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Lt. Frazier of Tactical Advantage Training LLC & First Due Questions conducts product spotlight and review of FIREAXEINC. 32” Wood Pickhead, 36” 6lb Wood Flathead & a 36” Fiberglass 8lb Flathead. Thanks to Jason Knight (Owner) at Firefighteraxe.com for the products and support.  

Solar Panel Tactics

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The question today is a submission from Lt. Mihir Patel from upstate NY. His response area is seeing an influx in solar panels. How does a truck company work to vent a roof with them on? Different tactics for different panel types? Roof ladder placement? Panels they have experienced contained a complex metal frame system. […]

To Bypass a Hydrant or Not?

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As the first due engine are you bypassing the hydrant for rescue?

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