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Wreck with Hazmat!

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Today you are dispatched to an MVC with injuries. Caller told dispatch that they can see two people moving around in one of the vehicles. They also said they were too afraid to help as there is something leaking at the crash. I attached the placard to assist..You are the first due engine. What next?

Police Involved Wreck…..

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You are riding on your assigned rig today enroute to an MVC on the expressway, you are quickly diverted to a semi vs PD vehicle. Reports state that one officer is heavily trapped and semi-responsive. What are your actions? Need some detail (lifting points, areas to cut etc.) in the operations as “lift the truck” […]

Methodical Approach to Extrications?

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Do you feel as though you are trained for quick and a methodical approach to entrapment MVC’s?