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Long Johns Silvers Drive Thru…..

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Dispatched first due for a fire at a local Long Johns. Reported as vehicle fire in the drive through. As you arrive this is what you have. Hydrants is 400ft away and your next due engine/truck is responding from another call and is 8 minutes out. What are your actions? Here we go….

Chinese Restaurant Fire….

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Two engine companies are on scene of a working fire at a local chinese restaurant. You are on the first due truck company and this is what you have showing at your arrival approx 7 minutes in. The engines are having an extremely difficult time making headway on the fire. What are you actions? Only […]

Screen Print Shop…

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Time for a little commercial action. Smoke showing from a “screenprinting” shop. Apartments above up to floor 8. Time is 530 PM. You are first on scene (responding on “your” apparatus type) of this working fire. No idea on occupancy numbers above the fire. What are your actions and why???