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Firstduetactics.com was created to educate, inform, and teach people the importance of being the first due apparatus to an emergency scene. Whether its an accident scene or a fire scene firstduetactics.com will have you covered. On this site you will find numerous avenues in which to learn. From videos to articles, and everything in between. I hope that this site is something you and your crew can use to help prepare yourself for being FIRST DUE. And we look forward to hearing your imput. You can also check out a daily question on our facebook page,  First Due Questions.

Stay Prepared….


  • I have been a firefighter for 19 yrs, I have developed a tactical rehab tool that will reduce firefighter injuries and fatalities on the firegrounds. Would I be able to submit an article to post on your site. Please take a look at this it will soon be a grant item and we are posted on Fire Engineering and Fire Apparatus websites under HeatSeeker Technology.

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