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Who makes your VES entry?

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After all the VES posts on yesterday’s fire scenario, I’m curious to who is making entry for VES on your department? Conditions are on the brink of “lighting up” with confirmed entrapment…as an officer are you going? fireman going? first due engine? first due truck? Everyone should be able to throw in some insight on […]

Today’s Question 03/06/13

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5:45 AM tones drop for a working fire with confirmed entrapment two blocks from the firehouse. Neighbor states she hears crying and screaming coming from the upstairs. Hydrant is approx 550ft, on the way in (2nd due 7 min out). When you arrive the neighbor says the screaming was coming from that window (red circle) […]

Question of the Day 03/05/2013

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It’s 3 o’clock p.m. and you are dispatched to a working fire.

FDQ Question of the Day 03/05/2013

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Two patients both trapped by the dash and doors. Let’s go!

FDQ Question of the Day

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At arrival this is what you see. Let’s see some garage fire tactics today…..

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