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Looking for Host Departments!

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Full Moon Friday

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You will be the first due company (Engine). Some of you are wishing you were on vacation today, I bet! You have heavy smoke showing after pulling out of the firehouse. Nearest hydrant is 400 ft. away and next in engine is 4 minutes out. What are your actions and where is your first line […]


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You are arriving as the Rescue Company (FAST) on this working fire. Reports are that a mayday has been transmitted on the second floor for an Engine Company of 3. They are reporting heavy fire conditions on floor two, low on air and they are separated/lost. What are you actions? You are a crew of […]

Majestic Fire Apparel Hood Review

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Lt. Frazier from Tactical Advantage Training LLC. & First Due Questions reviews two hoods from Majestic Fire Apparel ( The PacII SVZ hood and the C6 FYR-Hawk hood. Frazier shows a Majestic vented hood that he has been wearing for over two years for comparison. Thanks to Majestic for sending the products for review.

What’s Next?

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Shortly after arriving on shift you are dispatched to a residential structure fire. You are the first due engine company and will be arriving on scene with the ladder as shown in the picture. Neighbor states that a family of six lives there and the time is 8:05AM. Your next due engine& chief are approx. […]

Multi-Family Dwellng

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Let’s start off Monday right with a heck of a working fire. Dispatched as first due apparatus (Whatever you are assigned to) for working fire. It is 1:30AM with a hydrant 75 ft away from the front of the structure. Unknown occupancy with second due engine/first due truck company about 6 minutes out. What are […]

Emergency Scene Body Armor Equipment

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Emergency Scene Body Armor Equipment Why would anyone need body armor in an emergency scene? There are a few reasons for it. Body armor is used in a wide range of situations, protecting the wearer from various threats. These situations are potentially dangerous for a person, threatening to harm them, sometimes very badly. In most […]

Funeral Home Fire

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You are dispatched to a working fire in a local funeral home. Neighbor advised dispatch that the owners live on the second floor so occupancy is unknown. You are first in with your assigned apparatus. Next due engine is 6 minutes out and the hydrant is 400ft away. The rest is up to you. What […]


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Well here it is…the giveaway you have been waiting for. To be eligible all you have to do is LIKE and SHARE the NEW Tactical Advantage Training LLC Facebook page. When FDQ reaches 10,000 followers a brand spanking new pig will be given away.

Wreck with Hazmat!

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Today you are dispatched to an MVC with injuries. Caller told dispatch that they can see two people moving around in one of the vehicles. They also said they were too afraid to help as there is something leaking at the crash. I attached the placard to assist..You are the first due engine. What next?

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