Full Moon Friday

You will be the first due company (Engine). Some of you are wishing you were on vacation today, I bet! You have heavy smoke showing after pulling out of the firehouse. Nearest hydrant is 400 ft. away and next in engine is 4 minutes out. What are your actions and where is your first line going?

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  • “E-93 arriving o/s, 3-story boarded-up multiple dwelling, fire from floors 2 & 3 Alpha and Delta, fire extending down the row Bravo side. Establish command, fill out a second alarm. E-93 laying in, initial defensive mode.”

    Dropping 5″ from the hydrant, leaving hydrant man. Stop short on A/D corner, DE completes hookup, Nozzle man stretches 3″ leader and then 2.5″ HL toward Bravo end of row (also reports on extension), while I check on occupancy of Delta side exp. house and try to grab a quick look at the Charlie side.

    DE mans deck gun on Delta exposure (house) to attempt to protect that, Hydrant FF stretches 2nd HL and hits Alpha side windows. Nozzle FF and myself check occupancy/extension of Bravo exposures (appears to have extended to the next two row homes)and quick hits on Alpha side windows.

    1st-in truck splits for search and vent, and 2nd-in engine grabs own hydrant, stretches lines/operates deck gun(transitional mode) and attempts to hold fire to 1st Bravo exposure. 2nd-in truck assist w/ searches, set up aerial.

    Additional companies assigned duties by Battalion Chief. Consider 3rd alarm depending on progress/needs.

    Nate Quartier,
    E-93 “B”
    Ormond Beach Fire Dept.

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