Emergency Scene Body Armor Equipment

Emergency Scene Body Armor Equipment

Why would anyone need body armor in an emergency scene? There are a few reasons for it. Body armor is used in a wide range of situations, protecting the wearer from various threats. These situations are potentially dangerous for a person, threatening to harm them, sometimes very badly. In most cases, emergency scene puts people just in these conditions.

What Are Some of the Threats That Can Be Faced at an Emergency Scene?

Emergency scenes can vary widely, from a regular car crash accident to a Boeing 747 crash. Normally, if you are summoned to an emergency scene, it means you are a law enforcement officer, forensic experts, etc. As a rule, these specialists are provided with body armor by default, but for other cases multi-threat armor be bought online at http://www.safeguardclothing.com/15-bullet-proof-vests/. Body armor is necessary to protect the body from possible injuries that can be caused by dangerous surroundings of the emergency scene.

Car crashes are normally the least dangerous, but if someone pushes a person that is looking into a crashed vehicle, the latter can stumble on something sharp and, if they don’t have body armor, get a bad injury. This leads us to the fact that emergency scenes require investigators and the police to wear primarily stab proof vests, instead of bullet proof vests. However, not all bullet proof vests are useless in emergency scene conditions. There are combined body armors that feature both ballistic and stab/spike protection at the same time. They are heavier, a bit bulkier, and not as comfortable, but they can also be of use in some emergency scenes.

Speaking of the worst case scenario, like a plane crash, body armor is needed for the same reasons as for car crashes and for protection from a lot of other threats. Most probably, those investigating a plane crash emergency scene will be given with all the needed equipment, including helmets and body armors for protection. Plane crash emergency scene involves a lot of threats that can not only harm somebody, but even lead to a lethal outcome. Something can fall and cut, pierce, press down the person, and do all other kinds of things to an individual. This is exact the same reason rescue teams, law enforcement representatives, and forensics are provided with body protection in emergency scenes related to destruction of buildings. Even though body armor can’t provide the best protection from a huge concrete piece that falls down on a person, they are still safer, than without any armor at all.

When Are Bulletproof Vests Appropriate in Terms of an Emergency Scene?

As it was mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are various emergency scenes. Some of them can occur at a war, result from a terrorist act, take place at a gang skirmish, and so on. This is exactly when one would need a bullet proof vest. To not just avoid stray bullets, but to actually be protected from straightforward attacks that can be attempted by the hostile party. Normally, only tactical groups are protected properly in such cases, but if you are a forensic or a firefighter, you will have to make sure you are protected well.

These are a few basic tips on why body armor is necessary, when at an emergency scene. While other people are in danger, you should be protected properly in order to help them out of the dangerous environment.




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