Dispatched first in for a occupied structure fire. At your arrival you find this. Hydrant is less than 100ft away. Caller had contact with dispath reporting that her and her 4yr old were trapped in a bedroom (d-side) second floor and couldn’t get out. Telephone contact lost….What are your actions and why?


  • A Norris says:

    What does the incident commander say do. By looks of the photo attack the fire and go from there.

  • Billy Bob says:

    Go in and find them. Rescue is priority.

  • The body of fire appears to be towards the Bravo half of the house, while the occupants were reported near Delta side. Heavy smoke condition from the reported room, but occupants may be protected by a closed door (smoke only from top portion of window opening suggests it’s both an intake and exhaust point).

    We’re stretching a 1 3/4″ line to the 2nd floor (not likely big nough for the fire showing, but can facilitate a fast stretch to protect a hostile search). Nozzle man holds fire at top of stairs to protect egress/search, officer searches Delta side rooms with TIC, driver throws ladders to Delta windows. Next in can assist with VES of 2nd floor Delta windows.

    Get the lady and her kid and get the hell out.

    Nate Quartier,
    E-93 “B”
    Ormond Beach FD

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