Multi-Family Dwelling!

On today’s scenario you are dispatched to a working fire in a multi-family occupancy. Hydrant is at the entrance (250ft) and your next in engine and truck company are 4 minutes out. No further information was provided….It’s your time….What’s your actions.

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  • Robert Avsec says:

    As they say, “take it by the numbers”, in this case the “7 Fundamental Steps of Firefighting” by Lloyd Layman:

    Size-Up: Well-involved, lightweight construction, MFD with direct exposures on Sides “B” and “D” (Unknown about Side “C” from the photo).

    Call for Help: Strike the 2nd and 3rd Alarms if your department has that process. Otherwise, request dispatch of additional 4 engines and 2 trucks, along with additional staff officers to fill out what will be an ICS org structure for a major fire.

    Rescue: The rescue problem is in the exposures and immediate actions by FF and law enforcement should be on ensuring that evacuation of the exposures takes place. (Anyone on the 2nd or 3rd floors of the fire building are not viable given the fire conditions. The volume of fire above the 1st floor and the lightweight construction preclude any entry into that floor by firefighters).

    Exposures: The exposure protection requires large-caliber exterior fire streams to protect exposures: first “B”, then “D”, and finally on the exterior fire for the building of origin to cut down radiant heat and remote fire extension from flying brands. As soon as practical, get interior handlines into exposures “B” and “D” to ensure that fire has not extended into those exposures.

    (Water supply will be a critical factor that must be addressed early on to supply the required large-caliber exterior fire streams. Another critical issue is going to be the ability of apparatus to get into tactical positions, especially aerial apparatus for elevated master streams. The initial IC really needs to focus on addressing those two issues early as they will affect the entire operation for the duration of the incident).

    Locate and Confine the fire: Pretty obvious that what we’ve done so far takes care of this step. Once exposures have been adequately protected, the emphasis should be on extinguishing what will be left of the building of origin.

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