What’s Your Plan?

Dispatched 2nd due to working fire at approx. 630PM. During response you have smoke showing and recieve reports that the home is possibly occupied. Hydrant is 800ft from the structure. 1st due Engine advised they are making a push with an 1 3/4 to the second floor. At your arrival you have no assignment from command and cannot contact the first due. After attempting contact the 1st due transmits a mayday on floor two. (FF Johnson 2nd floor heavy heat and smoke conditions trapped HEEELLLPP!!!) No word from the other crew members. 3rd due is 8 minutes out. What is your plan…….the clock is ticking


  • Special Ed says:

    Engine Two to Command. Nothing heard. Engine Two has Command. Command will be mobile while conducting a three hundred and sixty degree size-up. We have a two-story, wood-framed, residential structure. We have heavy fire coming from the Alpha side, Division Two We have three missing crew members possibly on Division Two. Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. Communications dispatch two more engines, another ladder, and three additional ambulances to this scene. We have a Mayday in progress. All responding units stay on FD1 and keep discussion to minimum. FD1 is now the Rescue channel. Engine Two you are Division Two Rescue, pull the PPF and place it on the Alpha sidedoor. Pull a one 1 ¾ “ handline from Engine One and prepare for entry and search on Division Two for the missing crew of Engine One. Insure you have TIC and a charged line for entry. Car 942 upon arrival assume safety. Engine Two supply Engine One with your tank water, once complete set up ladders on all sides of this structure, open the Charlie side door and place your positive pressure fan into the doorway. Engine Three, upon arrival bring me a supply line to Engine One and make all connections. Rescue One upon arrival you are Back-up, pull one 2 1/2 “ handline from Engine One and enter the structure to protect the egress. Truck One upon arrival pull the utilities then prepare as RIT. The ambulance crew will be on the Alpha side waiting for patients. Communications contact the Chief and Assistant Chief and let them know we have a Mayday in progress. Contact the Fire Marshal and give him the assignment of PIO. Call for updates from Rescue and continue attempts contacting the missing crew. PAR should be taken every 10 minutes.

  • Mike_Quinn says:

    Totally agree Ed, the only thing that I might do different is pull the 2 1/2″ as the 2nd line. Engine 1 already pulled a 1 3/4″ and maybe didn’t have enough to start making a difference. They are going to be no help with thier line, so maybe stretch a dry 2 1/2 to the stairs and go from there.

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