Today’s Question 03/06/13

5:45 AM tones drop for a working fire with confirmed entrapment two blocks from the firehouse. Neighbor states she hears crying and screaming coming from the upstairs. Hydrant is approx 550ft, on the way in (2nd due 7 min out). When you arrive the neighbor says the screaming was coming from that window (red circle) and you can still hear what sounds like crying. Lay in? Fire Attack? Search? VES? Too Risky? Describe your plan of action…..


  • Greg Andersen says:

    Depending on crew size, the engineer and another ff establish water source and stretches a line to provide cover for the rest of the crew who goes in and searches.

  • Steven Yunghans says:

    Ladder that window. Looks like an addition to the original structure which may mean the stairwell is further back into the original structure. Fire may be limited to the attic space above the room but not the room itself. Get your attack going and set a line on that side of the house along with the ladder and a crew to attempt a rescue or at least search and strike a second alarm for FAST/RIT, EMS, and pumpers for water supply/second attack. Maybe add an aerial if available (my department has a Bronco Skylift which would be on the first due assignment and WOULD be laddering that window if we couldn’t get the bucket in. I would assume if fire is limited to the second floor, any occupants on the first floor would have gotten out. I’d start my search from that window if possible, maybe look at the other side of the second floor which also appears to have limited fire involvement. Missing anything? (I’m a “young” officer and I crave constructive criticism.)

  • Chief 53 says:

    Lay pipe in… second due can charge it. Set up rit station. Advance. 1 3/4″ attack line to side B raise 24′ ext ladder to circled window. Once second due has arrived start aggressive search and attack thru circled window. Rescue found victims. Locate confine and extinguih all fire. F.D. wins again!

  • Ronnie Fields says:

    By the looks of things, the roof trusses have been compromised and there is a lot of fire in the attic. I maybe wrong, but if there is that much involvement, chances are the victim is going to become a recovery very shortly along with possibly any firefighters who enter.

  • FF George G says:

    Be sure second in knows what you want them to do tell them what you plan .Ladder window Have 1 3/4 ready check exposure go up ladder be sure rescue is possible and make rescue happen

  • Billy Dinkins says:

    I agree with Chief53 about laying in for 2nd Due to charge. I would say if you can still hear what sounds like crying, it is definitely worth a shot to attempt a rapid VES on the Bravo side, second story window. The final go/no-go decision can be made when you get to the window sill. There is always the chance that the victim will be on the floor right under the window, so I would make my first priority getting the window laddered and vented. The Engineer can flake out the attack line if you don’t have the personnel to do so. Get additional resources en route. After VES decision and search are done, full fire attack mode. The picture shows a lot but not nearly as much as the full view on scene. I’d probably consider a transitional attack, starting to get a knock on it from the outside and then moving in. All of the comments I’ve seen make sense. This is a good learning discussion, especially for a new officer like me.

  • Max says:

    Ladder to window with Hose back up till lay in can assist with water management

  • Bo says:

    Drop through that window for some quick VES. Goes back to our tactical priorites of RECOVS. If there is a confirmed entrapment, there needs to be some aggresive truck work done.

  • Karl Hungus says:

    Drop line on the way in. Have one FF ladder the window and another VES. The 3rd guy runs the line to the fire. Driver gives the lineman about 60 secs before he charges the line. 4th guy feeds line.

  • LPAsst says:

    First engine goes straight in. Ladder that window and attempt VES. Next engines in (we have 3 on 1st alarm) lays the line and set up water supply. Billy D — you’re spot on! I’d also be knocking down the fire on the porch roof with the 1 3/4″ line while the rescue is going on.

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